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How to add header and footer to PDF page


Very often, when you generate company specific PDF documents, you have to repeatedly add blocks of information containing logos or security notices to each page, thus adding footer or header, or maybe both.

If you use the Flow layout API provided by Apitron PDF Kit for .NET PDF library for PDF generation, you can add headers and footers to each page automatically and in this article we’ll create a small app demonstrating it.

The code

We’ll add a logo and a block of text to the page header, and page number to the footer.

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        // register doc's resources first
        ResourceManager resourceManager = new ResourceManager();
        new Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.Resources.XObjects.Image ("logo",

        // create document
        FlowDocument doc = new FlowDocument(){Margin = new Thickness(10)};

        // register styles
        doc.StyleManager.RegisterStyle(".pageHeader",new Style()
            {Font = new Font(StandardFonts.TimesBold, 20)});
        doc.StyleManager.RegisterStyle(".pageFooter",new Style(){Align = Align.Right});
        doc.StyleManager.RegisterStyle("hr",new Style(){Height = 2,
            Margin = new Thickness(0,5,0,5)});
        doc.StyleManager.RegisterStyle(".content",new Style(){Align = Align.Justify,
            Display = Display.InlineBlock});
        // fill the header section
        doc.PageHeader.Class = "pageHeader";
        doc.PageHeader.Add(new Image("logo"){Width = 100, Height = 50});
        doc.PageHeader.Add(new TextBlock("This document is intended for internal use
            only"){TextIndent = 20});
        doc.PageHeader.Add(new Hr());
        // fill the footer section
        doc.PageFooter.Class = "pageFooter";
        doc.PageFooter.Add(new Hr());
        doc.PageFooter.Add(new TextBlock((ctx)=>string.Format("Page {0}
            from ",ctx.CurrentPage+1)));
        doc.PageFooter.Add(new PageCount(3){Display = Display.Inline});

        // add pages
        for (int i = 0; i < 2; ++i)
            doc.Add(new TextBlock(strings.LoremIpsum) {Class = "content"});
            doc.Add(new PageBreak());

        // generate PDF
        using (Stream stream = File.Create("out.pdf"))
            doc.Write(stream, resourceManager);

This code adds two pages with dummy text. Please also note the use of PageCount element in the footer section. It gets combined with page index to generate the “Page N from M” text.

The resulting document looks as follows:

Pic. 1 Resulting PDF document

Pic. 1 Resulting PDF document


Using the Flow layout you can automate insertion of page headers and footers to PDF documents with a few lines of code. The Apitron PDF Kit for .NET is a powerful PDF library offering you many unique features which are unlikely to be found anywhere else. Contact us if you have any questions or browse our GitHub repo to check out the described code sample.

Downloadable version of this article can be found by the following link [PDF].

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