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Working with built-in navigation in PDF files (Bookmarks, C# sample)

Paragraph 12.3 of the PDF specification describes available document-level navigation objects that can be used inside the PDF file to allow quick jumps between articles, paragraphs, or sections of the document. These objects may or may not be present in PDF file, and handling them requires a right tool.

We wrapped up this long story in our Apitron.PDF.Rasterizer.Navigation namespace.
The core object that handles all navigation tasks is DocumentNavigator class, it can be obtained by using the Navigator property of the created Document object:


Document pdfDocument = new Document(inputStream);
DocumentNavigator navigator = pdfDocument.Navigator;

Using this navigator object you may navigate between pages of the document by passing page objects, bookmarks, links and search results - objects defined or found in PDF document. When navigation occurs, the navigator’s CurrentPage property contains the page that passed object refers to. So it’s becomes easier to track and render the “current page” instead of implementing own navigation mechanism.

It’s also possible to navigate back and forward using corresponding member functions, and because the navigator class also raises a Navigated event it’s easy to handle and reflect the current page change. It might be extremely useful for custom viewers, thus we used it a lot in our viewer app for Windows Phone as well as in our free Windows Forms PDF Viewer control.

The code below demonstrates simple navigation and corresponding event handling task for the PDF document:1
  1.          We load a PDF document first into a class-level field
  2.          Subscribe to navigator’s Navigated event
  3.         Now we can call MoveForward member from anywhere and handle the navigation in our DocumentNavigationHandler


public void LoadDocument(string pathToPdfFile)
    using (FileStream inputStream = new FileStream(pathToPdfFile, FileMode.Open))
        // this object represents a PDF document
        pdfDocument = new Document(inputStream);

        // subscribe to Navigator's events
        pdfDocument.Navigator.Navigated += DocumentNavigationHandler;

private void DocumentNavigationHandler(object sender, NavigatedEventArgs eventargs)
    // get the navigator and print current page index
    DocumentNavigator navigator = (DocumentNavigator)sender;

    Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Navigated to page: {0}", navigator.CurrentIndex));

public void MoveForward(Document pdfDocument)
    // just move forward
    if (pdfDocument != null)

Handling PDF bookmarks 

A nice wpf viewer sample post describes in details how to work with bookmarks in PDF file, but in short - if you want to enumerate document’s bookmarks just use its Bookmarks property. Every Bookmark object then can be navigated using document navigator by using its GoToBookmark method.

public void GoToFirstBookmark()
    // navigate to first bookmark in bookmarks collection

Handling PDF search results 

In our previous blogpost we showed how to use classes from Apitron.PDF.Rasterizer.Search namespace to perform search tasks for PDF documents.  That sample just saved found pages to bitmaps, but what if you want to navigate within a document using the search results?

It’s dead simple. Just use the GoToSearchResult member of the document navigator and pass the SearchResultItem that you’ve got by doing the search. See the code below.

private void DoSearch(SearchIndex pdfSearchIndex)
    // just invoke the search and pass our search handler
    pdfSearchIndex.Search(MyPDFSearchHandler, "apitron");

private void MyPDFSearchHandler(SearchHandlerArgs handlerArgs)
    // navigate to first found item in our pdf document
    if(handlerArgs.ResultItems.Count > 0)

        // indicate that search should be stopped
        handlerArgs.CancelSearch = true;

Supported platforms

The API described works on all supported platforms, including Android and iOS (using Xamarin), Windows Phone, WinRT. You can read more about the Apitron.PDF.Rasterizer for .NET component here.